GUAIX member Dr. Sergio Pascual and Dr. Eva Besadas visited the European Southern Observatory (ESO) headquarters in Garching to attend the Instrument Control Systems Seminar for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).

The participation in this seminar is a further step in the effort being made by the GUAIX group to be at the head of astronomical instrumentation, which together with the ISCAR group (from which Dr. Besadas comes), form part of the international consortium in charge of the construction of the MOSAIC instrument for the ELT.

This workshop has been a useful meeting between engineers, software developers and astrophysicists dedicated to astronomical instrumentation, and specifically, it has given an overview of the ELT hardware and software development platform, which will be used for implementing the control of the instruments.


Instrument Control Systems Seminar 2019



sergio and eva ESO