CATARSIS, the Calar Alto “Tetra-ARmed Super-Ifu spectrograph” Survey

CATARSIS will carry out a magnitude limited (mAB<22.0) spectroscopic survey over an area of 1.7 deg2 with a spectral resolution ranging from R~1000 and a wavelength coverage from 320-810 nm using the TARSIS instrument. The fields are chosen to target clusters of galaxies at z~0.15-0.23 up to the infall region and the filaments joining them. We aim at collecting galaxy spectra with high-enough S/N to undertake a detailed analysis of their star formation histories, stellar and nebular abundances, cluster dynamics, etc. The redshift has been chosen so the rest-frame spectra (~278-700 nm) includes the NUV region, essential for detailed analysis of stellar populations, as well as Hα and [NII], needed to cover our science goals.


Science Team

Composed by scientists from the TARSIS Consortium institutions and from other institutions in Spain and elsewhere.

The TARSIS/CATARSIS science team includes scientists from all TARSIS Consortium institutions and from other Spanish and foreign research institutions and Universities. The majority of them are also members of the CATARSIS Survey Team, which is led by our Project Scientist, P. Sánchez-Blázquez, but we have also incorporated scientist from other research fields in Astronomy as part of a total of 3 Advisory Groups (AGs): “Galactic & Local-Group”, “Solar system” and “Targets of Opportunity”.

The members of the CATARSIS Survey team and the AGs are Á. Álvarez-Candal (U. Alicante), Y. Ascasibar (UAM), C. Cabello (UCM), N. Cardiel (UCM), A. Carramiñana (INAOE), E. Carrasco (INAOE), A. Castillo-Morales (UCM), C. Catalán Torrecilla (UCM), S. Duarte Puertas (UGR), R. Duffard (IAA), A. Ferré Mateu (UB), L. Galbany (UGR), J. Gallego (UCM), M. García (CAB), M. L. García Vargas (Fractal), A. Gil de Paz (UCM), M. A. Gómez-Flechoso (UCM), J. Gorgas (UCM), M. Guerrero (IAA), A. Herrero (IAC), J. Iglesias (IAA), A. Labiano (CAB), A. de Lorenzo-Cáceres (UCM), C. Kehrig (IAA), M. Lara-López (UCM), J. Maíz-Apellániz (CAB), M. Mas (CAB), D. Mayya (INAOE), J. Mendez Abreu (IAC), A. Montaña (INAOE), R. Mújica (INAOE), E. de Oña Wihelmi (ICE), S. P. O’Sullivan (UCM), J. Oñorbe (US), S. Pascual (UCM), P. G. Pérez-González (CAB), E. Pérez-Montero (IAA), J. Piqueras (CAB), M. Relaño (UGR), S. Roca-Fàbrega (UCM), D. Rosa (INAOE), S. Sánchez (UNAM), P. Sánchez-Blázquez (UCM), D. Sobral (Lancaster University), E. Terlevich (INAOE), R. Terlevich (INAOE), A. Vazdekis (IAC), J. M. Vílchez (IAA), E. Villaver (CAB), J. Zamorano (UCM), A. Zurita (UGR).