The study of light pollution is one of the most innovative research topics.

Our group has published several papers with the greatest impact on the Altmetric index worldwide.


“RGB photometric calibration of 15 million Gaia stars”

Nicolás Cardiel, J. Zamorano, J. M. Carrasco, E. Masana, S. Bará, R. González, J. Izquierdo, Sergio Pascual, A. Sánchez de Miguel2021MNRAS.507..318C
Data tables

“Evolution of Brightness and Color of the Night Sky in Madrid”

José Robles, Jaime Zamorano, Sergio Pascual, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, Jesús Gallego and Kevin J. GastonRemote Sens. 2021, 13(8), 151

“Synthetic RGB photometry of bright stars: definition of the standard photometric system and UCM library of spectrophotometric spectra”

Nicolás Cardiel, J. Zamorano, S. Bará, A. Sánchez de Miguel, C. Cabello, J. Gallego, L. García, R. González, J. Izquierdo, S. Pascual, J. Robles, A. Sánchez, C. TapiaMNRAS Volume 504, Issue 3, July 2021, Pages 3730–3748

“Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Light Emissions: Ground and Satellite Comparison.”

Bustamante-Calabria, M.; Sánchez de Miguel, A.; Martín-Ruiz, S.; Ortiz, J.-L.; Vílchez, J.M.; Pelegrina, A.; García, A.; Zamorano, J.; Bennie, J.; Gaston, K.J.Remote Sens. 2021, 13, 258

“Participant motivation to engage in a citizen science campaign: the case of the TESS network”

Irene Celino, Gloria Re Calegari, Mario Scrocca, Jaime Zamorano and Esteban Gonzalez GuardiaJournal of science communication. Issue 06,2021


“Mapping the Melatonin Suppression, Star Light and Induced Photosynthesis Indices with the LANcube”

Martin Aubé, Charles Marseille, Amar Farkouh, Adam Dufour, Alexandre Simoneau, Jaime Zamorano, Johanne Roby and Carlos TapiaRemote Sens. 2020, 12(23), 3954

“The nature of the diffuse light near cities detected in nighttime satellite imagery”,

Sanchez de Miguel,A., Kyba, C.M.M, Zamorano, J., Gallego, J. & Gaston, K.J.Scientific Reports 10, 7829 (2020)


“Evaluating Human Photoreceptoral Inputs from Night-Time Lights Using RGB Imaging Photometry”,

Sánchez de Miguel A., Bará, S., Aubé M., Cardiel N., Tapia, C., Zamorano, J., & Gaston K.J. (2019)Journal of Imaging, 5(4), 49 (2019)

“Colour remote sensing of the impact of artificial light at night (I): The potential of the International Space Station and other DSLR-based platforms.”

Sánchez de Miguel A., Kyba C.M.C., Aubé M., Zamorano J., Cardiel N., Tapia C., Bennie J. & Gaston K.J.Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 224: 92–103 (2019)

“Absolute radiometric calibration of TESS-W and SQM night sky brightness sensors”

Salvador Bará, Carlos Tapia & Jaime ZamoranoSensors, 19(6), 1336 (2019)


“Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato exploits light signals to optimize virulence and colonization of leaves”

Saray Santamaría‐Hernando; José J. Rodríguez‐Herva; Pedro M. Martínez‐García; Isabel Río‐Álvarez; Pablo González‐Melendi; Jaime Zamorano; Carlos Tapia; Pablo Rodríguez‐Palenzuela; Emilia López‐Solanilla Environmental Microbiology 20(12), 4261–4280 (2018)


“Artificially lit surface of Earth at night increasing in radiance and extent”

C. M. Kyba, T. Kuester, A. Sánchez de Miguel, K. Baugh, A. Jechow, F. Hölker, J. Bennie, C.D. Elvidge, K.J. Gaston, L. Guanter Science Advances Vol. 3, no. 11 (2017)



“Statistical modelling and satellite monitoring of upward light from public lighting”

R. Estrada-García, M. García-Gil, L. Acosta, S. Bará, A. Sánchez-de-Miguel and J. Zamorano Lighting Research and Technology (April 2015)

“High-Resolution Imagery of Earth at Night: New Sources, Opportunities and Challenges”

Christopher C. M. Kyba, Stefanie Garz, Helga Kuechly, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, Jaime Zamorano, Jürgen Fischer and Franz HölkerRemote Sensing, 7(1), 1-23 (2015)



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