Last Monday 19th December 2022 the GUAIX group received the official visit of the Project Office of the MOSAIC project. The group of visitors included Roser Pelló, Principal Investigator of MOSAIC, Eric Prieto (MOSAIC Project Manager) and Laurent Martin (Work Package Manager of the infrared spectrographs), all of them from the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM,, accompanied by Mathieu Puech (MOSAIC co-IP) and Miriam Rodríguez (Project Scientist), both from the Paris-Meudon Observatory.

The full day included presentations by UCM professors Jesús Gallego, África Castillo and Eva Besadas and the companies FRACTAL, represented by Dr. María Luisa García Vargas and GMV, represented by Mariasole Melara, Head of the Space Avionics Division.

Visits were made to the facilities of the research support workshops of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and the Advanced Scientific Instrumentation Laboratory (UCM-LICA, coordinated by A. Verdet, senior laboratory technician).

In the image, is a moment of Roser Pelló’s presentation.

Visita a los talleres UCM
Visit to the research support workshops, Faculty of Physical Sciences.