Call for applications for one “distinguished researcher” employment contract, at the Earth Physics and Astrophysics Department

Order ECD/365/2018, of 23rd March (Official State Gazette of 7th April 2018) approved the conditions for the awarding of, and called for applications for, the Beatriz Galindo Grants, the purpose of which is to recruit a talented researcher who has spent part of his or her professional career abroad, in order to foster the recruitment and training of human research capital and its mobility in sectors of strategic national interest, as well as promote the quality and competitivity of teaching and/or research staff at Spanish Universities.

A full-time “distinguished researcher” employment contract will be drawn up, as governed by Art. 23 of Law 14/2011, of 1st June, on Science, Technology and Innovation. The duration of the contract will be 4 years.

The duties of the beneficiary will be:

i) Research and transfer in a new area of research in the Department focused on the development of payloads and data processing algorithms for micro/nano satellites, for both scientific and commercial applications, in collaboration with the New Space Industry. “Payloads and Data Processing Algorithms for Micro/Nano-Satellites: Intersectional Technology for Earth & Cosmos Science and the New Space Industry”.
The success indicators for the project can be summed up in the following two main goals: attain an important funding contract with a European public agency to aid in the development of the first payload and/or the first scientific space mission using small satellites for the Department of Earth Sciences and Astrophysics, and establish strong collaboration with the New Space Industry (lead by small start-ups and collaborating closely with universities) in order to facilitate knowledge/technology transfers for commercial applications.
The project will be included in the line of research “Observation of System Earth and Space” in the Moncloa Campus of International Excellence research cluster on Global Change and New Energies.

ii) Teaching the subject Formation and Evolution of the Galaxies and the Universe, with a minimum dedication of 180 hours per year, for both the Degree (Degree in Physics) and Master’s (Master in Astrophysics) programs, with the goal of increasing the internationalization of the studies, and interconnectivity with national and international companies in the private sector.


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